Come celebrate our 150th anniversary of @yellowstonenps on June 22nd for the Grand Reopening! With plenty to do, see, and experience in the Yellowstone Area!
In town we have delicious food and drink offerings, along with casinos and gambling. We also have many attractions such as
•The Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center
•Museum of the Yellowstone
•Rail Car/Old Train.
Just outside of town we have some once in a life time activities, like
•Diamond P (@thediamondpranchmt) who is the only horse back riding experience allowed in to go deep into Montana backcountry to give you views of Yellowstone you'll never see any other way.
•Local ATV and side by side rentals to travel many miles of trails in the area
Outside of town there is
•Hebgen Lake and Earthquake Lake Visitors Center, make it a 2 hour round trip and go to Wade Lake in Idaho for some spectacular views of beautiful lakes, elk, deer, pronghorn, and mountain sheep.
For a little farther drive
•Sawtelle Peak
•Virginia City/Nevada City, this is the richest place to strike gold in the Rocky Mountains!
•The Mesa Falls Loop has some spectacular views of the upper and lower falls
•Yellowstone Helicopter Tours will take you soaring in the air over the park to show you breathtaking views of the Oldest National Park
•Yellowstone Bear World, located in Rexburg Idaho, see dozens of different live and wild animals, guaranteed bear sittings, and with options to pet and feed bear cubs

Park Reopening plan for June 22, 2022
Cody WY, Grand Teton NPS/Jackson Hole WY, and
West Yellowstone MT!
Visit Old Faithful, Grand Prismatic Springs, Fountain Paint Pot, and more geothermal wonders
See Elk, Deer, Bison, Bear, and Wolves in their natural home

Alternating License Plate System (ALPS)
Beginning June 22, 2022, public vehicle entry will be allowed based on whether the last numerical digit on a license plate is odd or even.
Entrance will be granted based on odd/even days on the calendar:
Odd-numbered last digits on license plates can enter on odd days of the month.
Even-numbered last digits, including zero, on license plates can enter on even days of the month.
Personalized license plates with all letters (i.e. YLWSTNE) will fall into the “odd” category for entrance purposes.
Personalized plates with a mix of letters and numbers that end with a letter (for example YELL4EVR) will still use the last numerical digit on the plate to determine entrance days.
Entrance station staff will turn away vehicles attempting to enter the park when the odd/even numerical digits do not correspond to the odd/even calendar date for entrance.
Exceptions to ALPS
Visitors with proof of overnight reservations in the park will be permitted to enter regardless of license plate number. This includes hotels, campgrounds, and backcountry reservations.
Current commercial use operators with active commercial use permits will be permitted to enter regardless of license plate number. This includes commercial tours and stock groups.
Commercial motorcoaches will be permitted to enter regardless of license plate number.
Motorcycle groups may enter on even dates only.
Essential services like mail, FedEx, employees, and contractors may enter regardless of license plate number.
This interim license plate system will ensure visitors have access to the park during this period of high demand. Park managers and staff will monitor this system and its impacts on resources, infrastructure, operations, and staffing, and may adjust or implement a reservation or timed entry system, if necessary, after three to four weeks.